Innovative programs for all families in the Sheraden community and the City of Pittsburgh

Jasmine Nyree Porter was born with Autism, which fuels the Porter family’s passion to help all families through their multi-service campus and center designed to address multiple needs including residential services and programs in the special needs community, early child care, recreational, educational, and other human service-related services.

Our Mission

The Jasmine Nyree Campus (JNC) mission is to provide the very best in comprehensive special education services to consumers and their families.

The JNC provides a comprehensive approach to the educational experience by collaborating with parents, other agencies, and the community to meet the unique needs of each consumer.

The JNC is a consumer-centered and family-oriented organization created to work cooperatively with special needs individuals.

The JNC provides innovative and interactive social skills training and life skills training to help each individual achieve their fullest potential in all aspects of their life.

The JNC strives to provide innovative programs that serve the needs of the consumer. Their programs provide ongoing training in the latest research-based teaching methods through continual program review, evaluations, and improvement processes.

The preliminary goal of the JNC is to ensure that each consumer receives responsive, specialized, and supportive services geared to their specific needs.

The ultimate goal of the JNC is to provide the best support to the families and consumers they serve through education, counseling, assessment, and referrals.

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