About Us

Our History

The Porter family moved to Pittsburgh fromThe Porter Family Bakersfield, California as Founder Christy Porter's husband Joey Porter began his illustrious football career with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

This tight-knit family shares a strong bond spearheaded by their daughter Jasmine Nyree. The bond fostered the development of their unique "Why."

Jasmine Nyree Porter was born with Autism, leading the Porter family down a path of empathy and a passion to serve all families and the special needs community.

In December 2019, Christy and Joey Porter acquired the Holy Innocent’s Parish and renamed the 108,000 sqft property the Jasmine Nyree Campus.

The Jasmine Nyree Campus is a multi-service campus and community center designed to address multiple needs in the community including residential services, recreational, educational, and more.

The campus has several locations in California since 2003 and has operated private, for-profit and non-profit educational centers for over 15 years.

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Our Staff

Christy Porter_crop

Christy H. Porter



Joey Porter


Jasmine Nyree Campus

Jeanette Wiley

Director of Operations/Notary Public

Jasmine Nyree Campus

Jailah Porter

Junior Vice President

Jasmine Nyree Campus

Marque R. Stansberry

Director of Supportive Services & Program Development

Jasmine Nyree Campus

Myron L. Terry, Ed.S.

Learning Center Director

Jasmine Nyree Campus

Jason Gildon

Compliance Specialist
Jasmine Nyree Campus

Travis Ruffus

Employment Center Director


Jasmine Nyree Campus

Orlana Darkins Drewery

Director of Communications

Jasmine Nyree Campus

Amosis Porter

Jasmine Nyree Campus

Tyshina Porter

Jasmine Nyree Campus

Raelyn Guzman Ruffus

Curriculum Coordinator

Savon Salter_crop

Savon L. Salter

Recreational Coordinator